Elahe Abdolahabadi started her education and training in Photography in 2006. She received her bachelor degree of Art in Photography at Art University of Isfahan in 2010. Following that she continued her MA studies at Art University of Tehran in the same filed and obtained her MA in 2013 .From the beginning of being involved in this field, Abdolahabadi tried to react to the world through photography.
She has established her career and artistic personality through several exhibitions, writing articles for photography journals,teaching photography, as well as lecturing on photography.
In 2016, she exhibited a part of “Loneliness of Brick’. It’s a book of image narration of Neyhabur monuments. In 2014, she held a solo exhibition named “Akskhaneh Ziba” at Akskhaneh Shahr Gallery. This exhibition was part of her personal archive of the photos of old Iranian photographers. In 2012, she held a solo exhibition titled “An Instant of Time and Place” at Arte Gallery. She then gave this collection a new form.
In recent years, she have further followed her performance in the field of photography through participating in group exhibitions and photo expos. Her other experiences in photography include writing articles in photography magazines such as Honar-Ha-Ye-Ziba Magazine, Aks Magazine, etc. Several lectures on the relationship between text and photo, which is an issue of interest to her, publishing photo collections in photo books and magazines such as PRIVATE International Magazine, Saba Photo Book, etc., and cooperating with different organizations in fulfilling architecture photo orders are among her other experiences.
In 2014, she worked at Neyshabur Municipality as advisor and photographer. During 2011 till 2012, she worked at Organization of Tehran Beautification. These participations resulted in publishing a number of books including “Loneliness Of Brick” and “Enamelled Domes”, etc.
She has experiences of instructing in university in her profile as well. Instructing at Art University of Isfahan Photography Department during 2016-2018, instructing at School of Visual Arts in University of Semnan Photography Department and University of Neyshabur Graphics Department during 2014-2018 are among her university instructing experiences.
These days, apart from photographing in her issue of interest, i.e. documentary photographing, Abdolahabadi does cityscape photography. she try to achieve her own personal concepts from her photographs.

  • Solo Exhibitions:        

2016 – Lonely Of Brick: The Historic Photos of Houses and Gardens of Neyshabour, Neyshabour, Khorasan Razavi, Iran.

2014 – Akskhaneh Ziba: Solo Exhibition of Photography, Akskhaneh Shahr Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2012 – An Instant of Time and Place: Solo Exhibition of Photography, Arte Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

  • Group Exhibitions and Awards:

2019 – Group Exhibition of Fajr Visual Arts Festival, Iranian Academy Of The Arts (IAA), Tehran, Iran.

2019 – Selected at Fajr Visual Arts Festival, Tehran, Iran

2018 – Winner of the Bronze Medal in the Street Portrait category of Street Photo Awards

2018 – Selected at International Women Photographers Association (IWPA),  Toulouse, France

2018 – Zahlé – April 13th – June 1st, Institut Français
2018 – Tokyo – Canon Japan Headquarter Gallery
2018 – Saida, June 22nd – July 1st, Institut Français
2018 – Paris – Marie (City Hall) 1st Arrondissement
2018 – La Galerie, Alliance Française , Dubai,  United Arab Emirates
2018 – Institut Français, Beirut, Lebanon
2018 –Alliance Française , Chittagong, Bangladesh

2016 – Museum of Patriotism: Group Exhibition of Photography, Mehrva Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013 – Selected at TahRan’s Photo’s Festival. Organization of Tehran Beautification and Tehran Municipality Tehran, Iran

2013 – Winner of 1st prize of Ordibehesht Photo’s Festival, Bandar-Abbas Youth Cinema Society, Iran.

2013 – Ordibehesht Photo’s Festival. Group Exhibition of Photography, Bandar-Abbas Youth Cinema Society, Iran.

2013 – TahRan’s Photo’s Festival: Group Exhibition of Photography, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran.

2013 – 2`nd Photo Tehran`s Expo: Group Exhibition of Photography, Shams Art Gallery, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran.

2012 – Saba Photo: Exhibition & Sale of Artworks of Iranian Photographers Artists, The Iranian Academy Of The Arts, Tehran, Iran.

2012 – Photo group exhibition of Photo Collegian Festival of Tehran University, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran.

2011 – Aksbazi: Group Exhibition of Photography, Aran Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2011 – Selected at first Photo Collegian Festival of Tehran University

2010 – Selected at International Büyükcekmece Culture and Art Festival: 1 International Competition of Photography, Turkey.

2010 – The Iranian Flag: Group Photography Slideshow, India.

2009 – Land art performance in Maranjab Desert, Isfahan, Iran.

2004 – Honor Diploma of Omid & Entezar National Photo Festival, the Artistic Center Of Iran, Tehran, Iran.


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